Erogenous zones for erotic massage

Want to try something new in the bedroom? How about something that can be relaxing and stimulating at the same? Indulge in an erotic massage session…
This type of massage serves a therapeutic purpose, but it also comes with a twist of sensuality.
Let’s take a look at some erogenous zones for erotic massage that you can touch at home:
1.Third eye
Let’s start from the top. Many of you have already heard of the third eye. It’s a powerful point in our body located in the middle of the forehead. For 60 seconds pressure your thumb of your partners third eye and relieve him of stress. This way you will get your lover in the mood.
2. The inner thighs
Maybe one of the most sensitive and overlooked parts of the human body. Gently caress your lover’s inner thighs up and down and trigger sensual feelings.
3. The knees
We stay in the leg are for another erogenous zone -  the back of the knees. Use your hands or your breath and tongue to message that area. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will be on the edge of their seat.

4. The perineum
First, let’s located on the body. The perineum is placed between the testicles and the anus. Trust me, if you gently massage that area on your boyfriend’s body, he will feel an unexpected sensation of pleasure.
5. The belly button
The belly button has some sensitive nerve endings that offer an arousal effect  in the genital area. Play around it with your lips and tongue and make your partner feel out of this world.
6. The root of the penis
Of course, the penis area is an erogenous zone. But, next time concentrate your attention at the root of the penis. The key here is to massage the area where the balls connect to the perineum. Listen to the technique offered by dr.Scalisi: “Cup their balls in your hand with your fingers facing their butt. Use the tips or pads to press upward, into his body. This part of the body can handle a good deal of pressure, so play with different sensations — think tickling, pressing rhythmically, and kneading."

Erotic massage has techniques that cannot be found in ordinary massage sessions. Besides hands, other body parts are used to apply massage techniques   like the abdomen, legs, tongue, breasts and buttocks. Imagination leads the way here…
Experiment and discover your partner’s unique erogenous zones with erotic massage. Treat them with care and love!